Ceile Hour with Miriah O'Shea, Every Sunday, 8-9pm


About Us

From humble beginnings we've grown to command a huge listenership right across the world - and it’s not just Irish people that have embraced the service.
Midwest Irish Radio is based in County Mayo in the Republic of Ireland and broadcasts 24 hours per day all year round.  It was initially set up on a pilot basis by the local radio provider for the area - namely Midwest Radio - who already had a reputation of promoting all things Irish both at home and abroad.
Over the past three years the station has evolved with more live programmes and presenters taking part in a service that was predominantly music-based.  As the service grew so too did its appeal and listeners from every part of the world began to interact with our service in various ways.
The reality is that people from every country in the world seem to have a fascination with the Irish.  For some its just curiousity but for others it’s an instinctive impulse to embrace the uniqueness of what we Irish have.
Our music, dance, art, history, traditions and conversational skills have an attraction that is hard to quantify.  Irishness simply has worldwide appeal and that's why we've decided to broaden our programming content beyond just music.
Midwest Irish Radio still operates under the guidance and direction of Midwest Radio but it is given a role to educate, inform and above all else entertain the entire world to what it is to be Irish.  The station has now embarked on a wider focus with documentaries, one-off specials, cultural and historical programmes and a number of series about various aspects of our traditions.
Under the guidance of Tommy Marren, Gerry Glennon, Noel Grogan and Paul Claffey the Midwest Irish Radio ship is proudly sailing the world with a gigantic Irish flag at the helm.  We are proud to be Irish and equally proud of everybody who has joined us on our cruise.  There's more to come!!